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Toy Safety Tips

We love birds and work very hard to provide toys that are safe and affordable. However, no toy is 100% safe. Please review our safety tips carefully and provide appropriate guidance when introducing your bird to new toys.

Always supervise your bird when you give him a new toy to be sure he plays with it safely. Inspect toys daily for wear and remove any that are a potential safety hazard.

When buying ring type toys for your bird, be sure the openings are too small for the bird to put his head through or large enough for his entire body pass through. Birds are inquisitive and may stick their head through the rings and become entangled.

Do not purchase any toys that have jingle bells on them. Why they still put these on parakeet toys I do not know. The small openings can entrap toes and beaks and cause injuries. The same goes for the cat toy balls that have jingle bells inside of them.

Keep all rope trimmed very short on toys or remove the rope completely. Watch your bird carefully with rope toys. Some birds have been known to ingest small pieces, although this is not common. There is a new rope they are using for parrot toys called Supreme Rope. It pulls apart very easily and is much safer for parrots.

Some birds like to remove the clappers from bells. If you are concerned that your bird may ingest the clapper, remove it with needle nose pliers before giving the toy to your bird. For these birds, heavy duty bells work well. Check my toy pages for these.

If your bird has a boing or rope perch, check it daily and trim any “loops” that may have come loose that can trap toes. When boings and rope perches begin to get worn, throw them away and replace them.

Not a toy safety tip, but important none the less. Please do not use non-stick cookware (releases toxic fumes if overheated), scented candles, perfumes, insecticides, air fresheners, cleaning chemicals, aerosols, etc. around your birds. Their respiratory systems are much more sensitive than ours, and the chemicals in these products can poison your bird very quickly.

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