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Blue Quaker Parrots

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Last update: 10/21/17

Availability Status: We are no longer breeding birds. Thank you for your interest.

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*DNA sexing can be done for $30

What hasn't been said about the mighty quaker parrot? About 11 inches long (the size of a cockatiel, but a little stockier), these birds are known for their intelligence and talking ability. They easily learn new words and phrases and surprise their owners by using words appropriate for the situation.

Quakers have a feisty, fun, affectionate personality and definitely have a sense of humor! They are very loyal to their owners and easily become one of the family. A great way to spend time with your quaker is by teaching him tricks and/or words to say on command. My pet blue quaker will lie on his back in my hand, give me "four", and quack like a duck when I ask "what does a duck say?". These behaviors were easily taught using praise as a reward.

Toys are also a must to keep these intelligent birds happy. Quakers are not very destructive and prefer shredding type toys over hard wood. Some quakers as they get older, enjoy weaving items in between their cage bars. Quakers also enjoy toys they can manipulate. For example a toy with lots of leather knots that they can work to untie.

Our quakers are weaned to a pellet based diet with the addition of fresh vegetables, fruit, sprouts (our birds love sprouts!), cook and serve mixes, spray millet, etc.

Babies are cuddled and socialized every day to bring out their sweet personalities and natural curiosity. Our babies are not just handfed, they are HAND RAISED. There is a difference! We also encourage healthy independent play behaviors by providing lots of toys and time out on our play area. On nice days, our babies will spend a few hours playing outdoors in one of our spacious outdoor cages.

All of our quakers are close banded and come with a hatch certificate, bird care information and written health guarantee. We take pride in our birds and it shows! Check out our customer comments page to read what some of our other customers had to say about our birds.

Once a baby is reserved, we send updates and pictures so you can watch your little one grow! We care about the babies we raise and want the best for them and their new owners. Have a question after the sale? We are just an email or phone call away.

Go to our customer photos page to see some of our babies enjoying their new homes!

Please contact us for more information about our quakers.

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