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Bird Policies

You must be 18 years or older to purchase a bird from us. If you are below 18, please have a parent or guardian contact us regarding information about our birds.

Deposit & Payments:

To reserve a baby, a non-refundable deposit is required. Deposits invoiced through Paypal are due upon receipt. If the deposit is being mailed to us, we highly recommend using a delivery confirmation tracking number. We cannot be responsible for payments that are lost in the mail, nor can we hold a baby while we wait for "the check in the mail". We need to ensure fairness to all of our customers.

For local customers, the balance of the purchase price is to be paid in cash when the bird is picked up.

If we are shipping the bird to you, CLEARED payment for the balance of the bird and shipping costs, must be received no later than 48 hours before the ship date. Keep in mind, Paypal "e-checks" generally take 3-5 days to clear (see our note regarding paypal payments below)

Payment methods: No personal checks please. We accept cash or US POSTAL money orders (money orders that can be purchased at the post office). We also accept Paypal. A 3.5% processing fee will be added to Paypal payments. Texas residents will be charged applicable sales tax.

*Note Regarding Paypal Payments & Shipping: If we are shipping a bird to you and you are paying the balance via Paypal, we MUST ship to the person listed on the Paypal account and that person must sign for the bird at the airport. This is Paypal's policy. If this is an issue, then other payment arrangements can be made for the balance of the bird and shipping.

General Policies:

DNA gender testing is available for $30 at customer's expense. Request for a specific gender AND payment for DNA testing, must be made at the time the deposit is put down for the bird. For birds being purchased as pets, we find gender has no influence as to the personality of the bird. Both genders of all the species we raise, make excellent pets.

Yes, we do ship! We use United Airlines as their service is excellent and there are no weather restrictions. Cost is $135 which includes the custom, reusable carrier. CLEARED payment for birds and associated shipping costs must be received no later than 48 hours in advance of the shipping date.

We offer free lifetime advice on all our birds. If you have questions about a parrot that you did not purchase from us, we do offer consultation services at an hourly rate. Email us for details.

We do not take our babies to "bird marts". We also do not buy/sell babies from other breeders. As such, our babies are not exposed to birds from other facilities.

All pictures on our website, facebook page, blog, and those we send to our customers are the copyrighted property of Almost Angels Aviary. Use of these pictures without our permission is strictly prohibited.

We require that customers pick up their birds or schedule shipping arrangements within seven days after we notify you that your bird is weaned. If you are unable to pick up your bird during this time (for example you are going on vacation), we can hold your bird a little longer for $10.00 per day. If a customer has not picked up their bird after 7 days and no boarding arrangements have been made with us, we reserve the right to sell the bird to another customer. The customer's non-refundable deposit will be kept by Almost Angels Aviary to offset boarding and advertising costs.

All of our babies wings are moderately trimmed (known as a "baby clip") after fledging. Trimming our babies wings keeps them safe while they are spending lots of quality time out of their cages with us - and with their new owners.

Health Guarantee: Our birds come with a 72 hour health guarantee from the date of delivery. Customer is given the opportunity, at their expense, to take the bird to a Certified Avian Veterinarian for a health examination within such time. Should a serious health problem be diagnosed, Customer agrees to contact Almost Angels Aviary immediately (within 24 hours) AND provide us with a copy of the vet's report. After review of the vet's report and return of the bird, Almost Angels Aviary shall either replace the bird with another of the same species and value, or refund the Customer's money. We reserve the right to get a second opinion at our expense. The bird must be returned with its closed band intact. Removal of the band nullifies this guarantee. Almost Angels Aviary is not responsible for vet or other costs incurred by the Customer. Purchase of our birds indicates acceptance of this guarantee.

All birds have the potential to nip or bite! Birds (even tame, handfed birds) are not domesticated like dogs and cats. As such they retain many of their wild instincts. Children should be supervised carefully when handling any bird to avoid injury to the child or the bird.

We reserve the right to refuse or cancel any sale at our discretion.

**All sales are final**

**PLEASE READ** Owning a bird is a responsibility. BEFORE putting a deposit down on one of our babies, review your lifestyle and finances carefully to be sure you are ready for this commitment. Keep in mind that you will need enough money for the bird AND an appropriate cage, food, toys and perches. If you need advice, ask us. We have been living and working with birds for over 18 years. Raising a feathered family member for a customer is not an easy task. Depending on the species, a baby requires 2-4+ months of around the clock loving care before it is ready to go home. Our lives are centered around taking care of them (just like with a human baby). During this time we have marked it as "sold" on the website. We have sent weekly pictures and updates, detailed written care information, answered your questions and advised you of what supplies you need and where to purchase them. It is extremely unfair to us and the bird to back out of the sale at the last minute after we have spent months raising it for you. Please think carefully before you buy.

Online Order Information:

All orders are sent directly to the warehouse where they take care of packing/shipping. Most customers receive their orders within a week to 10 days. If you have a question about your order, send us an email and we'll check on it.

Most orders are processed/shipped 24-48 hours after receipt. Orders are shipped Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. We do not do "express" or "rush orders".

Lately, we have had a hard time getting customers to respond when we occasionally have questions regarding an order. We prefer to communicate through email as it is time consuming for us to make repeated phone calls. Please put an email address that you check frequently to avoid delays in processing your order.

All orders are shipped via UPS Ground directly from the warehouse. Items have not been exposed to other birds or animals.

Shipping rates have been steadily rising. For now, we have a "flat rate" shipping cost depending on the amount of your order (see below). Heavy shipments may require additional charges. We will let you know if there are additional shipping costs before processing your order/payment. Shipping rates below do not apply to shipping birds.

Order Total / Shipping Rates:

$0-$30 / $10.95
$31-$60 / $11.95
$61-100 / $13.95
$100-$130 / $14.95
$130-Up / $15.95


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