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Last update 2017

Availability Status: We are not breeding jardines at this time.

Jardines are small parrots originally from central Africa. A member of the poicephalus family, they are about 10-11 inches long and stocky built. They are lovely birds. Their green feathers have black "scalloped" edges and when they mature they have orange on their forehead, shoulder and thighs. These birds make wonderful companions! They are quiet, personable and learn to talk and mimic other sounds very well. They bond closely with their owners and love a good cuddle and head scritch! Jardines are playful and intelligent. They are also strong chewers. Plenty of wood and shreddable toys are good for these birds. They require daily time out of the cage and hands-on interaction with their people. Teaching simple tricks is an excellent way to spend time with your jardines. People who are fortunate enough to have these birds as pets speak very highly of them. Customer feedback on our jardines is excellent as well.

A cage with more width than height is preferred. A quality cage is a must as these birds have strong beaks that can break bars on cheap cages. Most people underestimate the size of these birds. They usually weigh around 200-250 grams. Roughly about 1 1/2 times the size of an average senegal parrot.

These birds are not common in aviculture. Customers tell us that hand-raised babies are difficult to find. We feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with these wonderful birds. They are not predictable breeders. So if you decide a jardines is the bird for you, it's best to reserve a baby when you see that we have one available.

Their dietary needs are simple. We wean our jardines to a pelleted base diet with the addition of fresh sprouts, (our birds love sprouts!) vegetables and fruit, cook and serve mixes, millet spray and a small amount of quality seed mix. They are good eaters!

Our babies are played with and socialized every day to bring out their individual personalities and natural curiosity. They are cuddled and held from an early age which makes them sweet and want to be with people. Our birds are not just handfed, they are HAND RAISED. There is a difference! We also encourage independent play by providing lots of toys and time out on our play areas. On nice days, our babies will spend a few hours outside playing in our spacious outdoor cages.

All of our jardines are close banded and come with a hatch certificate, bird care information and written health guarantee. DNA gender testing is available for $30. We take pride in our birds and it shows! Check out our customer comments pages to read what others have had to say about us.

Once a baby is reserved, we send weekly updates and pictures so you can watch your little one grow! We also send detailed written bird care information and a shopping list so you will be well prepared for your bird's arrival. We care about the babies we raise and want the best for them and their new owners. We provide full support after the sale. Have a question? We are just an email or phone call away.

Go to our customer photos page to see some of our babies enjoying their new homes!

Please contact us for more information on these unique african cuties!

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