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Green Cheek Conures

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Last Update 07/31/17

Aren't I pretty?Just hatched

Availability Status: No babies at this time. Pair is on break

Price: $325.00

*DNA sexing can be done for $30.

Green cheek conures are immensely popular! They are very quiet compared to the aratinga conures. As a matter of fact, they are known as the "quiet conures". They love to be cuddled, are very playful and their size (about the size of a cockatiel), makes them easy to accomodate in homes or apartments. We raise pineapple and pineapple turquoise color mutation green cheeks. The colors are gorgeous!

Green cheek conures are very intelligent. A well known bird trainer, Tani Robar has a green cheek conure named Poopsie that does incredible tricks in her training videos. When I saw Tani Robar live at a bird conference a few years ago, I had the pleasure of seeing this bird perform on stage. He was amazing!

All of our green cheek conures, regardless of the color make great pets. We take a lot of time with our babies, talking to them softly, giving them cuddles and handling them gently from an early age. This early socialization is so important! Our birds are not just hand-fed, they are hand-RAISED. There is a difference! We also encourage independent play and exploration by providing a variety of toys and time out on our play areas.

Our babies are weaned to a pellet based diet along with vegetables, fruit, sprouts (our birds love sprouts!), cooked mixes, spray millet, Higgins seed mix, etc. They wean at approximately nine weeks. Once your baby is reserved, we send updates and pictures so you can watch your baby grow. Green cheeks are very photogenic!

We care about each baby we sell and want the best for them and their new owners. Have a question after the sale? We are just an email or phone call away.

All of our green cheeks are close banded and come with a hatch certificate, bird care information and written health guarantee.

We take pride in our birds and it shows! Go to our customer comments page to read what others have to say about our birds.

Check out our photo diary page of a green cheek conure from hatch to weaning!

Go to our customer photos page to see some of our babies enjoying their new homes!

Please contact us for more information on these wonderful birds!

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