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Gerdie (parrotlet) is so incredibly sweet and gentle with everyone. The grandchildren have all held her. She and I are enjoying exchanging rubs and scratches.  Gerdie will sit on my shoulder and rub my face and in turn, I give her cheek rubs.  She also is letting me do full body strokes down her back and under her wings.  Our little girl likes to be held and cuddled. As with Tinkerbell, Gerdie is wonderful and there is no doubt of the love and care that was given to her.  Your birds are amazingly gentle and are perfect for those like me with little or no experience.  Oh, Gerdie has been to see Tinkerbell and while the sisters did not kiss or hug, they did share the same hand without biting each other and talk they did, lol!!!  Both seem to enjoy the conversation. I am truly grateful that I found Almost Angels.  That is truly what your birds are.  Thank you for being you and thanks once again for deciding to handle the smaller cages for traveling.  I have already used Gerdie's three times and am looking forward to our trip home in the near future.  Our girl is such a sweetheart and I will be sending pictures.  Sandy E., Texas

I just wanted to let you know about our vet visit : )
Everyone in the clinic absolutely LOVED her (green cheek conure)... the vet assistant (Pam) spent the whole hour baby-talking to her LOL! And the vet was VERY impressed with her condition, behavior, diet, etc. I was letting the baby munch on cheerios the whole visit, so I don't think she minded the exam too much. Haha She was so funny.... they would hold her and do a throat swab and whatnot, and then she would fly back over to me and I would give her a cheerio. Then they would check her vent, then a cheerio. Then they did another throat swab, then a cheerio. We were all laughing by the end of it. Oh, and I made sure to give them your name and location. I told them about my experience with you thus far, and they were (once again) VERY impressed! :) So, all in all, everything went great, as I knew it would! Pam was throwing around name ideas with me.... the baby is such a cutie, but also such a little goofball, that she needs some kind of playful name. Anywho, just wanted to let you know! Hope all is going well :)
Mia C., Texas

We love our linnie, Christine!  As new bird owners, we cannot thank you enough for the patience you have shown us as we've learned about our new friend. That kind of support is the reason we came to you and we have been delighted with all your help and suggestions.  We look forward to sending you updates on our linnie for years to come! Cathy B., Texas

It's hard to choose what I like most about Almost Angels--Christine's willingness to answer all my questions, her philosophy on breeding, or the cute birds that come out of it. First of all, Christine answered all of my many questions and was very open to answering any more I may have. She helped me a lot in choosing the bird that was right for me (lineolated parakeet). Her philosophy on raising fewer birds and paying lots of attention to the ones she has produces wonderful little creatures. Her prices are reasonable, and she is extremely helpful when it comes to advice when you're lost on what to do with your new bird. If she has the bird you're looking for, I would absolutely recommend choosing Almost Angels. Milana T., Texas

Hi Christine!! I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for our wonderful parrotlet! We named him Guacamole. He is such a sweetie! The other night he fell asleep cuddled up under my daughter's hair. The whole family loves him! Thank you also for taking so much of your time to answer all my questions. The cage you recommended is perfect! I would definitely recommend Almost Angels to anyone who is looking to purchase a bird. Barbara V., Texas

I just wanted to give you an update on Jazz (lineolated parakeet). He is adjusting beautifully. He loves to sit on my shoulder or head while I do homework. He loves hoodies and likes to sit and play with my hoodie as I finish up homework. He has taken to my mom and sister quite well. He has been an awesome addition to the family and even my dad is warming up to him. He loves spending time out of his cage. Jazz already has quite a vocabulary. He is saying " Hi, pretty boy", "Hello", " Whatcha Doin ", and making the kissing sound. I love getting kisses from him. Jazz also loves music, he makes pretty sounds when softer more upbeat music comes on. He is a good sport about everything. Again, I want to thank you for everything. You are amazing and I'm glad I waited to get my bird from you. I truly think I got an amazing bird from you and your the reason he is adjusting so well. So thank you for everything! Gabriella V., Louisana

Hi Christine! My little parrotlet is full of spunk and personality! He is adjusting well to his new surroundings. It's so cute how he takes naps in my hair! It's adorable when I get a little too far from where he is, he flys to my shoulder :) I named him "Tango" hahaha! We let him come to the dinner table and he was in heaven! Tasting all sorts of foods (nothing bad for him though). He was stuffing his face! I absolutely love this little guy! Thank you so much! PS - I don't know if you remember me tell you about my friend with the other parrotlet (that's how we came to love this type of bird) Well they have become best friends! When he brought her over, they shared food and started playing with a piece of torn paper on the floor. Thank you again! He's just the cutest thing! Kimberly G., Texas

Kiwi (parrotlet) is doing great! She had a nice big breakfast at 7, big snack at 9, and lunch at 11! Now she is having a bit of millet which she much prefers to pick at from outside the cage rather than from inside the bars, crazy girl.  She has no fear of us at all, flies to us all the time. I can't believe how quickly she has learned where the door to her cage is, she will try to squeeze herself through there if you are putting your hand in the cage to give her water or something!  I can see she likes freedom and to be where the action is.  Yet she has no problem sleeping with her head under her wing while on your shoulder. Wow that's very trusting already at this stage! I almost forgot to tell you, Kiwi really loves a birdie massage! I'm amazed that she likes that already. She fluffs up and closes her eyes and seems to just love it, moving her head around so you don't miss any spots. What a life! Thanks again for everything, Christine. We are super delighted with Kiwi and are having a great time spoiling her. I'm about to hang up another stocking so she isn't left out! Doreen V., Texas

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