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Christine, first and foremost I want to thank you for the great job you did with Dharma (green cheek conure) and for the care package you sent us home with.  Not only is Dharma healthy but I have never had a bird that is so well socialized.  You were right, as soon as I got home all we did was  cuddle, in fact, she just lays on my chest and loves when I give her scratches. Sunday I was cleaning the kitchen, Dharma was on my shoulder, and she was preening me the whole time – she was getting little bits of apples and boy does she love her food!!!!

As you know I took her to Dr. Jordan directly after I picked her up from you.  Dr. Dan Jordan from Avian and Animal Hospital in the Village (Houston) took one look at Dharma and said “she is one healthy baby.  This is nice to see.  There is not a stress mark on any of Dharma's feathers.  For this to be possible means that the breeder fed her well, never missed a feeding or was ever late on one of her feedings.  Dharma is so socialized that even during the testing she was very calm.  I looked at her feathers and I do not recommend even trimming them at this time. Although conservatively done, this is the way feathers should be cut on a baby.  I commend your breeder.  This is what all breeders should produce.  Healthy and socialized birds.  In fact I usually say that it is very important to practice quarantine, but I am sure that all the test will come back satisfactory and I do not foresee a problem”.

I received the blood test results yesterday and they were perfect.  No deficiencies! Alina S., Texas

A note from Dharma.....

Dear Mommy Christine,

I want to thank you for taking such good care of me and making sure that I was placed in a good home.  Mummy and Daddy just adore me as I am so very sweet and adorable.  I was a bit scared when I went to Dr. Jordan's, but waiting for me was Mummy and that made me feel much better.  In fact when I went back in the room I saw her sitting with her hands over her ears.  I guess I squawked a bit and she just burst into tears.  But as soon as I saw her I just flew right to her!

My new home is great.  I have a big room (my Mummy does not like to call it a cage) with loads of toys and even a pink Teddy Bear that I love to cuddle with.  In fact Mummy was very paranoid that I would fall and hurt myself so Daddy went to the store and bought 2 fluffy pillows which they covered with a towel and newspaper and then secured it.  All that trouble for little ol' me!!

I get to be with Mummy a lot and I do not have to stay in my room all the time.  In fact, when Mummy opens the door to my room I fly right to her! Mummy and I cuddle so very much and I just love the way she makes me feel so very secure.  I have a sister name Shakti, she is very curious and we have called to each other several times, but Mummy said till I get a big bigger and stronger,  Shakti will just have to hear, look and not touch.  I also met Emerson!  He is a huge cuddly bear, my Mummy said he is a Great Pyrenees and he will not let anyone except Mummy and Daddy near my room.  I have my own body guard! Mummy is going to take me with her tomorrow to work!  I am so excited.  We have also attached pictures. Love you always, Dharma S. (Green Cheek Conure), Texas

My blue quaker is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She had the best home and loving foundation at Almost Angels. So I know she will continue the love she was given. My little girl quaker's name is Ariel. Thank you Christine for sharing all the pictures from nestling through weaning. That was so special to me and you took the time out of a busy day and schedule to do that for me. My little butterball is so healthy and beautiful thank you so much again. Balinda S., Louisiana (New Orleans )

Rocky (green cheek conure) is awesome!!! He is having a great time here in Crazyville. He sat with Jeremiah (age 9) while he was on the computer earlier... He is adorable.  He loves his swing and talks while he eats…we all find that funny, but I don't know why.  I guess we just find everything he does cute. Thanks so much for making this happen for us. Jennifer H., Texas

Tinkerbell is wonderful!!!  Thank you for a beautiful, healthy and gentle baby parrotlet.  I appreciated your taking the time visiting with me and helping me set up the cage.  Her new family is so happy to have such a sweetheart living with them.  Tink is giving kisses, grooming them and wants to be with them all the time.  She appears to have found her a man in no time.  She will leave whoever she is with to be with Josh, climbing in his shirt, coming out to give him kisses and she grooms him and if he ignores her when she is talking to him, she gives his ear lobe a tug, lol!!!!  Per Josh, she is definitely female. I am so very thankful that I found you.  Meeting you and seeing your birds lets one know the caliber of care and love that is given to these babies before they leave home to go to their new families.   All of the pictures and correspondence coming and going allows one to see their baby develop and to be attached prior to bringing them home.  It also shows the depth of love you have for them. I am looking very forward to my own baby. As with Tink, I cannot wait to meet and bond with it. Thank you once again and keep me informed.  I will do the same with Tink and will do my best to get new pictures for you this weekend.
Sandy E., Texas

Hi Christine  just wanted to drop in and let u know Ariel (quaker) is something else. She jumps off the big cage while my pomeranian is sleeping and bites him on his paw lol. He is so good to her but she wants to play with him ohhh soooo bad. lol. She had her whole head in the bowl today with her feet in there too eating LOL! When we eat she comes to the table and took a bite off my step dads french bread-too cute! It is definately an experience having a baby so mischevious and curious. I wouldn't trade her for any other bird! It's like she was made for me!
Balinda and Ariel, Louisiana

Our bird (green cheek conure) is terrfic! My daughter loves him and my son is getting used to him. We have named him Indy... after Indiana Jones. My daughter, Kayla loves this bird like a baby and is already giving him kisses and lots of cuddles... she adores this bird so much. I knew that she especially would, although I know we will all enjoy him. He seems to be eating well and already extremely spoiled.  My daughter didn't want to leave for her college class this morning, because of the bird! He will definitely get a lot of love and attention. He is a character and loves to be out with people. We are happy to have him.
Jennifer S., Texas

Hi! I got home a little while ago with the new baby (green cheek conure). She's absolutely perfect! For about the last 45 minutes of the car ride to my father's house, she sat on our shoulders, nestled under our hair, and was perfectly content to stay there. She chirped at us when we stopped stroking her lol! . My dad, little brother, and little sister absolutely adore her (they all got to see her and hold her, too). My siblings kept wanting to steal her away. She is absolutely amazing. She handled meeting so many new people, and her changing surroundings, without missing a beat. She was fine cuddling with everyone, and has immediately taken to her new cage. She doesn't seem stressed, fearful or aggressive about anything (other than chirping to protest when I stop cuddling her). Except for the time she was on our shoulders, she spent most of the car ride in her travel cage eating her food. It's reassuring to know that she feels secure enough to eat a lot! She even fell asleep on me a little while ago, which was so sweet.
I really cannot thank you enough for this wonderful little girl :) Not only did you give me a wonderful baby, but you also taught me how to take good care of her. Which is SO important. Once again, thank you so much for all of your advice, information, and for answering my zillions of questions. You rock! :)
I'll be sending you pictures as soon as I can and keeping you updated on her progress.
Mia C., Texas

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