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Just wanted you to know that "Taco" has settled in nicely. He is eating like a horse & is getting on well with our other parrots. The kids love him to bits, especially Chris (he's 17). Taco loves being out of his cage & being played with. He is a lovely quaker & we all adore cuddling him. I am following your food recipes & all our parrots are enjoying sampling them. Thanks for everything Christine.
Annie & Paul, Texas

We are the family with the five kids that bought one of your baby Quakers.  I just wanted you to know that the bird is doing great and is so sweet.  The kids really love him.  He eats with us and is almost always with someone. Even our dog loves him!  Our son is really happy and is taking really good care of him.  He gives him his food morning and afternoon and cleans out his cage every day--all without being reminded or asked!  Thank you so much for raising such a sweet bird! Julie, Texas

I did a lot of research when looking for the right bird and the right breeder. When my heart was set on a blue quaker I ended up choosing Almost Angels because of the price, customer service, website information, and positive comments. Christine did a wonderful job updating me on how my baby quaker was doing all throughout the weaning process. When I finally got my baby, I was very pleased. She was beautiful and very well socialized. The followup was very thorough and sincere as well. Thanks! PS- My nephew was very excited and happy to see the new bird and right away named her "Blue Bell".  He really likes her since he can hold and pet her (our caiques aren't too fond of kids).  She's doing well, and ended up sleeping on a toy moosehead that I have hanging on the wall. Robyn W., Georgia

... I simply can't put into words how much we adore this little baby. He's incredible. If your going to be around, I'd like to give you a call tonight to go over his diet a little bit. We hope y'all are doing well. Roger, Maryland

Just wanted to give you an update on Emmie.  She is laughing a little bit now and she is also starting to talk. Just yesterday I heard her say hello and today she said it again when I walked in the room.  Then later I heard her trying to say what'cha doing and step up.  I am so excited for her!!  She has really been fun.  I enjoy her so much and I can hardly wait to get up in the mornings and see her. Thanks again for raising such a good baby! Sherrie, Texas

I just wanted to give you a report on your baby!!!....he did wonderful on the trip to Laredo, he was very attentive and curious, thankfully he wasnt scared or anything so the transition in the car went very well. At least 75% of the time he was out of his travel box and in my arms wrapped in a towel sleeping... so he gave me no trouble at all:)... thank you so much for allowing this little bundle of joy and fun into my home!!! :) Cynthia, Texas

The girls are doing just great. The blue crown conure is now called “Baby LuLu” and the name seems to fit her. The girls (quaker parakeet and blue crown conure) eat and play together and get along great.  I couldn't be happier with them.  I will send pictures later and you will be able to see how much she has grown.  They spend a lot of time on their play area next to my chair and also on top of KoKo's cage.  KoKo will give LuLu kisses if you ask her to and is so sweet. Linda, Texas

Just to let u know our baby boy (green cheek conure) is doing great!!  He luvs his cage- he's been all over it , playing with all the toys and even hanging upside down! lol And he's been eating soo much`!~ all day long! He seems to like us too, even my youngest son- he keeps flying to sit on his shoulder! we all love him so much- the only problem is that we cant think of a good enough name for him lol thanks again! Misty, Texas

I've been meaning to send you an update on how things have been going with our new linnie, but I've been pretty busy.  However, I was reminded to write to you today while watching Kiwi take her first shower.  Right on cue as I started spraying her with the mister,  she flipped over on the perch, hung upside down, and spread her wings for me to mist her all over.  That is just the cutest darn thing! In fact, just about everything she does is cute, so we are definitely spoiling her. And although Kiwi's still getting accustomed to us, I've already started clicker training and she is learning very fast.  It's going to be so much fun working with her. Anyway, it's a shame this bird has been classified in the parakeet family, because they are so unlike any type of parakeet I have encountered - large or small.   I also think the name keeps people from taking a closer look at linnies, which is a real shame. We can't wait to get another one, so please let me know if you have another clutch in the fall.
Joni R., Texas

Just wanted to say Hi, and let you know we're all OK. Hope you and your family are all well. Scooter (quaker parrot) couldn't be doing better. He's definitely thriving, and turning out to be a better, well balanced bird than I could have imagined. He has more to offer than any other bird I've been around. He's very social, and can't wait to visit with whoever walks in the door. He's not shy by any means. He never screams for attention. He only gets loud if he doesn't get to go to one of his play areas somewhat regularly. He's great at entertaining himself. If he gets bored he just sits and talks. I have a list of all the words he's said and at last count it was a little over 40. He's probably close to 50 words by now. His newest phrase is little baby. He already knew "baby". Yesterday April was talking to him and said little baby 2 or 3 times. After a moment of silence he belts out WITTLE BABY for the first time. We couldn't help but laugh. Which he happens to do a lot of also. If we watch something funny on TV, he'll sit there and laugh all the way thru the program with us. He talks in Aprils voice all the time, but occasionally will try to imitate me with a quite, and low gravely voice. First time he did it and I realized what he was doing, I just about fell over laughing. He gets 30 minutes of preening and snuggle time most evenings right before going to bed. He'll sit on our hand, chest or pillow, and if you put your other hand up to him he will run over, snuggle up to it, lift one foot to massage his face and get all fluffy. He's had as many as 4 hands on him at once, while he's also scratching his own face, and he loves it. He'll let you touch him anywhere on his body without fussing. Now that the weather is starting to warm up, up here, I'm going to start taking him outside again. He has a small cage that we take him out in. The little guy loves to eat also. He's happy to eat just about anything you put in his cage. He really has turned out to be a wonderful part of the family. He won't let you forget about him like a cockatiel might, but he's never as demanding as a Too either. He's perfect. We can't thank you enough for making such a sweet baby for us. Roger & April, Maryland

Sorry I haven't been in touch sooner.  The birds (green cheek conures) are doing great.  They are getting a lot of attention.  They are much tamer than the other green cheek we had so we have enjoyed holding them a little more.  We love to watch them together.  We have never had two conures together.  They are so adorable.  My son brings his bird, Tequila (Tiki), to me in the morning while he showers before work, and he just cuddles into my neck and sleeps.  My daughter, Mary Kay, has the other bird, Kahlua, and she loves him. Thank you again.
Dawn, Alaska

Hi Christine, just wanted to thank you again for such a sweet beautiful boy (lineolated parakeet).  He loves to just hop right onto my shoulder from the cage and "talk" my ear off :)  I love how he loves scritches.  My yellow girl thanks you too.  She is so happy to have a cuddle buddy.  I know she was getting lonely.  Thanks again for a wonderful addition to my aviary. Michelle W., Washington

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