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Parrot Training/Behavior Consultation Services



Behavioral Consultations:

If you are having problems with your parrot or just need some advice, I can help! I have over 18 years of experience living and working with parrots in the home environment. I will offer gentle solutions that are custom-tailored for your unique situation. I offer both over the phone and in-home consultations (in-home consultations are available in a limited area.) If for some reason, I am unable to help you with your problem, I will be happy to refer you to other sources.

New Bird Consultations:

Have you purchased a new parrot and need some good advice? There is a lot to know about the special care parrots require. Much of the information out there is outdated and confusing. We can set up a “Bird Care 101” consultation and get your relationship with your parrot off to a good start! By taking proper care of your parrot from the beginning, you can prevent many future behavior problems.

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