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Green Cheek Conure Chick
A photo diary from hatch to weaning

Day one. Chick is still wet from hatching. The nickel is in the picture for size reference.
Day three. It's hard to tell from the pictures, but the chick has grown quite a bit! Energy demands are high.
Chick is being fed every two hours during the day from 6:AM to midnight with an additional feeding at 3:AM.
Day Seven. One week old today! You can see the eye slits have formed and feather tracks
are coming in. The terrycloth "ring" around the chick is for support and gives the chick something to cuddle with. Chick is being fed approx. every 3 hours during the day from 7:AM to 11:PM with an additional feeding at 3:AM.

Day Thirteen. Almost two weeks old! Eyes are beginning to open and feathers are
coming in. The chick can sit up by himself. He flaps his little wings and even preens his feathers.
Feedings are every 3 1/2 - 4 hours during the day. Sleeping 6 hours at night.

Day Nineteen. Look at how fuzzy we are! Chick's eyes are totally open and he spends a
lot of time awake just watching the world around him. He is eating five times per day and sleeps through
the night. At this stage, we start to socialize the chicks by spending lots of time with them. This little one loves to be rubbed on his cheeks and under his wings. He'll hold his wings up to "help" me get the right spot.
Day Twenty-Four. Feathers are really starting to open up . You can see the green on the wings
and maroon tail starting to peek out. The chick has already started nibbling on pellets! He is still eating
five times per day. In a few days, we will cut him back to four feedings per day and see how that goes.
Day Twenty-Nine. This is so exciting! I was lucky enough to have my camera handy for this
chick's "first perch". You can see him climbing up in the first picture and actually perching in the other two.
He looks very proud of himself, don't you think? He loves to cuddle up under my chin and enjoys spending
time out on his play basket watching the daily activities. It's hard to see in these pictures, but his wing and
tail feathers are coming in nicely. We will move him into a weaning cage (a small cage with low perches)
in a couple of days.
Day 41. Aren't we beautiful! He is cutting down on the amount of formula he wants and is eating more pellets
and fresh foods. He loves to come out and explore (it was difficult to get him to be still for these pictures).
When I am holding him, his favorite place to be is snuggled under my chin. His tail feathers are still growing
and you can see the beautiful maroon color. We expect him to be weaned in another two weeks or so.
Day 56: Eight Weeks Old. It's hard to believe this is the same bird as in the first photos! Our little green cheek has grown into a handsome juvenile! He has been sold to a lovely family who has been anxiously waiting for his arrival! We hope you enjoyed our green cheek photo diary as much as we enjoyed making it!


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